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Petrina Burnett

M.B.A. (Leadership & Innovation), M. Clinical. Physiotherapy (Continence & Women’s Health)

B. Science (Physiotherapy), Dip. Pilates (Polestar Rehabilitation).

Level 2 Lymphoedema Practitioner.


Petrina graduated from Curtin University, Perth, in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science  of Physiotherapy, and has worked in various clinical areas in both Australia and abroad. Upon turning 30, she asked her medical practitioners about her cancer risk due to the breast and ovarian cancers on her father’s side of the family, only to be diagnosed soon afterward at 31 with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Petrina discovered a year later that she carried the BRCA1 gene mutation, also carried by her father, aunt, cousin and grandmother.


Having personally experienced the gap in allied health service provisions in oncology, Petrina established a comprehensive and innovative rehabilitation and wellness service called Breast, Gynae, and Lymph Physiotherapy in Perth, Western Australia, in 2009. Over the 12 years since it was established, she has brought a unique specialist skillset from her qualifications, combined with her in-depth personal understanding of cancer recovery, to specifically provide management and rehabilitation of breast and gynaecologic cancer and lymphoedema. Now at 14 years post-diagnosis, Petrina and her allied health team have helped many women (and men) by providing holistic cancer physiotherapy and rehabilitation, dietetics and exercise physiology services.


As a sessional lecturer in oncology, Petrina has enjoyed teaching Curtin University post-graduate and Notre Dame undergraduate physiotherapy students. In addition to her professional work, Petrina has also been an active consumer representative, advocating for cancer consumers for various government, research, and not-for-profit charities, including the Breast Cancer Network Australia, Breast Cancer Trials Australia, Cancer Australia and Medicare.


Now in 2021, after having personally treated over 2000 people with cancer, Petrina is providing clinical leadership and support to BGAL, having stepped back from direct patient consultation. She continues to use her skills and passions in cancer care advocacy and allied health management. She is enjoying spending more time with her “man” and fox terrier dogs at Perth’s glorious beaches and the Western Australian outdoors.

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